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American Generic Labs Reformulates Ephedra Extract Diet Pills

New Blends for Popular Weight Loss Pills: Metabothin, Superdrine and Yellow Devils.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 7, 2010 -- American Generic Labs of Provo Utah has reformulated their popular line of Ephedra based diet pills with new and improved proprietary ingredients that will not only be effective for consumers, but comply with the recent FDA regulation changes.

Superdrine, Metabothin, Ripped Power and Yellow Devils are all manufactured by American Generic Labs and are very popular with consumers looking for an edge in curbing their appetite, boosting their energy and as part of their overall weight loss program. The original Ephedra product line, launched in 2006, had tremendous commercial success and the product development team at American Generic Labs worked diligantly to reward their loyal customers with products that they feel are better than the original.


 Ephedra is quite simply the most effective natural appetite suppressant 
The propreitary blends of nutrients, which include Ginseng, Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly also contains the maximum legal amounts of ephedra extracts, the controversial herb that the FDA does not allow in dietary supplements in its purest form.


Frank Turner, Director of product development at American Generic Labs touts the new and improved product releases as being the " Best Natural weight loss pills available" and the folks at American Generic Labs are prepared to stand by their claims with a customer satisfation guarantee.

American Generic Labs has also partnered with Netnutri.com to offer a Free Sample of its "Yellow Devils" Weight loss pill to the public. The free offer will allow consumers to test the products ability to curb appetite, boost metabolism and most importantly lose weight.

Ephedra-Free Products Don’t Cut Musterd

Product reviewers for Ephedra-free products continue to complain about the lack of results and failed expectations.

Dieters agree that without the fat-burning, energizing ingredients in Ephedra, weight loss is next to impossible. Take a look at some of the various excerpts posted by dieters.
(these are voluntary, non-paid comments)

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Ephedra Free Product A
Dee from Los Angeles, California said: “…..I wasn’t snacking and was eating small portions on my strict diet and managed to GAIN weight. I think I can safely say this product is absolute garbage.”

Ephedra Free Product B
From epinions.com, we get: “I hate to say it, but without Ephedra, this product is simply useless. I’ve used products with Ephedra and easily lost ten pounds. No appetite, awesome energy, and most of fat loss. Don’t waste your money on the other stuff…it’s simply useless.”

Ephedra Free Product C
And then from amazon.com, one reviewer talks about how she’d used a product with Ephedra with good results, and then tried one without it. “I’m about through with a 90 caplet bottle…yet no results. No energy increase, not lost pounds or inches. I wouldn’t recommend this product and personally won’t be buying it again.”

So there you have it. This is just a sampling of how thousands of people feel about Ephedra free supplements….THEY DON’T WORK.

Products containing Ephedra are clearly helping people reach their weight loss goals by control their appetite, increasing energy, and helping them to burn more fat in less time.
Please let us know your success story with Ephedra products, we’d love to hear from you!

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Ephedra Ban Overturned

On April 13, 2005 the 2004 Final Rule issued by the FDA banning Ephedra was overturned by a Federal Judge. The Plaintiffs, Nutraceutical Corporation aka Solary, Inc., challenged the FDA’s Final Rule which called Ephedra, in any amount, too much of a health risk.

The Final Rule, which was published in February, 2004, claimed that the use of Ephedrine-alkaloid dietary supplements (known as EDS) caused “unreasonable risk or illness or injury.”

One of the primary concerns that currently exists with EDS relates to what is considered and classified as a “safe” amount. Because EDS accelerate metabolism, increase fat burning and promote weight loss—the very reason many people seek out EDS products in the first place--efforts have been made banning the product altogether, and now, only in certain strengths. The FDA claimed that an EDS was adulterated in it contained 8 mg or more of ephedrine alkaloids per serving.

Clearly, any supplement, prescription, or over-the-counter medicine could easily induce the same health risks that an overdose of Ephedra could. For that matter, there are many approved diet pills on the market today that have a much greater stimulating effect than the EDS products currently allowed. This was the Plaintiff’s winning point.

The FDA’s main claim was that the benefits of EDS have no proven positive effect, so that in light of even the slightest risk, EDS should not be made available to the public. The Plaintiff pointed out that under DSHEA, there is no provision that supports the FDA’s contention. In fact, dietary supplements aren’t classified on the same basis as drugs are. There is no requirement or obligation of the manufacture (or retailer) to prove the effectiveness of the product’s claim.

Current manufactures understand the importance of drug regulation. However, that does not lesson the blow that a natural herbal supplement is treated as more dangerous than innumerable synthetic supplements currently on the market. These synthetic supplements, even when taken in approved amounts, pose just as much if not more danger then their counterparts. Incidentally, many over-the-counter cold medicines---that have not been scrutinized—contain ingredient that may have been derived from Ephedra.